Basics of the Share Market

Are you curious about shares and the stock market? This section will teach you the basics of the stock market. There are definite goals in life for each of us, and a certain number of days we have to achieve them. Studying abroad, buying a car, building a home, etc. Maybe on your list of […]

Stocks to issue bonus shares in the month of November and December 2021 on NSE and BSE

Stocks to issue bonus shares in the month of November and December 2021 on NSE and BSE

Instead of cash or dividend, listed companies with issued share capital deem it a good idea to issue additional shares of the company to its shareholders in proportion to their holding. These additional shares issued against the shares owned are referred to as bonus shares.
There is no net change in the face value, future dividend pay-out but for the company, its reserves get reduced.

understand the theory of Value Migration In Stock Market

Value Migration In Stock Market

The theory of Value migration was firstly introduced by Adrian Slywotzky in his book Value Migration – How to Think Several Moves Ahead of the Competition published in 1966. Value migration is the transferal of value-creating forces from outdated business models to better able to satisfy consumer demands.

Upcoming IPOs in the Indian Stock Market (NSE/BSE)

Upcoming IPOs in the Indian Stock Market (NSE/BSE)

ted with SEBI or have been approved by SEBI & their Date of issue is out. In this article, you will find Upcoming, Active & Ongoing IPOs in India.
The year 2021 is witnessing the most exciting period for the Indian Stock Market, thanks to the new-age tech start-ups and multinational enterprises going public. It all started with Barbeque Nation in April 2021, and then the list continued. With Zomato going public in June 2021,

What ARE SectorS in Stock Market?

What Is Sector Analysis in Stock Market?

Sector analysis is an assessment of the economic and financial condition and prospects of a given sector of the economy. Sector analysis serves to provide an investor with a judgment about how well companies in the sector are expected to perform. Sector analysis is typically employed by investors who specialize in a particular sector, or who use a top-down or sector rotation approach to investing.